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Data Tracking for Deeper Analysis of Ad Performance

Shoplazza Featured Recommendations include mainstream data tracking plug-ins such as Google Analytics and Facebook Multi Pixels, which will help merchants gauge ad performance and improve optimization.

Management Tools for Refined Operation

Shoplazza Featured Recommendations also includes marketing and operational plug-ins such as bundled sale, customizable product recommendation and discounts after purchase. Merchants can select from a range of tools to achieve refined operations.

Efficiency tool Improve Operational Efficiency

Shoplazza Featured Recommendations also contains efficiency tools such as Skuowner, Store Migration, and Review Crawler, helping merchants upload products, migrate shops, and gather product reviews at a faster speed. By reducing tedious, repetitive operations, merchants can achieve greater operational efficiency.

Ads Delivery for Convenient Advertising Experience

Shoplazza Featured Recommendations include extensions such as Google Feed, Website SEO and Image SEO. Merchants can easily sync product information to the most popular advertising platforms and obtain impressions, which will help them optimize website content for a better advertising experience.

Google Integration to Start Marketing Immediately

Create a Google Advertising Account with one-click. Recharge online via real-time exchange rate, for instant payment to your account.
Open the Google Merchant Center to upload product data. Through channels like Free listing and Shopping Ads, merchants can enjoy the traffic to their website generated by Google
Our system will scan and diagnose your shop settings and design according to the policies of Google and Google Merchant Center. Merchants can use our prompts to modify their shops to reach an Account Health Score of 80 points, which will enable additional functions.
Google Analytics event tracking and Google Ads conversion tracking can also be created with a simple click.