Staff Accounts

Support multi-person online store management

  • A person's energy is limited. If you don't have enough personal energy to support and drive your business, it might be a good idea to set up your team to work together

  • Shoplazza supports you to create up to 100 staff accounts, to manage the store collaboratively in a team manner, and to create higher benefits

Account security is business security

  • The financial role usually has to deal with sensitive financial information and needs to strictly control the team's income and expenditure; while the operational role focuses on how to bring higher Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) revenue for the store.

  • Only if team members who perform their duties, which means efficient and loyal to the functions of the job, can reassure the boss.

  • Shoplazza provides clear permission configuration for employee accounts and allows you to assign accessible menus to employee accounts. Not only meeting the different needs of employees in different positions for back office functions, but also ensures data security