Shoplazza’s PCI DSS Compliance Protects Your Data with the Highest Degree of Security

The PCI DSS Standard is the highest financial data security standard in the world. It protects the data of processed, stored and transmitted card user payments using the safest practices.
Shoplazza’s system has PCI DSS Level 1 compliance, which means we offer the highest level of user data protection, as well as having the capability to process payments through major platforms directly.

One-Stop Payment Solutions

Coverage of 80% of Major Payment Platform

Shoplazza is currently linked with more than 80% of major payment services, which means we can handle a wide variety of payment needs by merchants of all sizes.

Direct Integration with Payment Services allows Higher Rate of Completed Transactions

Shoplazza is directly integrated with many payment firms, which reduces payment page redirection and optimizes transaction completion rate.

Variety of Local Payment Options meets the Needs of Niche Markets

Shoplazza has partnered with major payment services to process local payments, and can allow business expansions in markets such as Japan, Europe and Latin America.

Pioneering Support for 3DS 2.0 for Worry-free Transactions

Shoplazza is one of the first in the industry to support the 3D Secure 2.0 standard, which not only protects merchants with a smoother payment experience, but also greatly reduces order abandonment.